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New tool for Brillbee's course production

I worked at a startup called Brillbee, a part of a new venture within Bonnier created to host new exciting digital companies within the book and multimedia sector. Brillbee is a platform for inspiring and creative online courses with themes as cooking, gardening, and crafting. To evolve the product further we were tasked with creating a new tool for creating online courses and step away from the old and complicated way of creating them in EPI server.

The research process

We started the project by doing something called MoSCoW with the internal stakeholders, it stands for Must have, Should have, Could have, Won’t have. This was meant to prioritize and choose functions for the first version of the new tool.
After that we booked meetings with the external stakeholders, a.k.a the main user group. We gave them some poker chips and all the functions that came out of the moscow method on separate cards and asked them to sort them in themes of “buy”, “want to buy” and “not necessary”. Each of the cards had a cost based on the size and development time to build it and the tester could only afford about half of the cards.
This helped with the priority and for us to focus on creating a minimum viable product and also set expectations towards the user. They realized that they could not get all the features developed at once and that they were in control in choosing what was most important.

Based on the interviews and research I made a flow chart to base design decisions on and from that created a simple prototype which I then tested using the same stakeholders before making it high fidelity. While designing components I created a design system in Sketch making it easy to keep track of design parts and making changes on a bigger scale. This also helps make sure the design stays coherent and easy to use.


Working closely with our two developers we developed the tool together, making sure not to get stuck in a waterfall way of working by iterating the design with the code together. The course production of will now move from being EPI-server based and take place solely in the new tool, improving the work flow significantly. It will also make it possible for external profiles to create courses themselves and therefore lift the workload from our internal course producers, giving them time to produce more value in their daily work.

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You can find me at a few different places. Say hello or just take a sneak peak at my social media life why don't you.

Send me a message!

You can find me at a few different places. Say hello or just take a sneak peak at my social media life why don't you.

– Gabriel Heijmer,
Digital Project Manager at Taxi Stockholm